Friday, May 6, 2011

Thursday May 5th a day of rest and getting organized

We slept well and got up late, but we thought it was well deserved.  We spent most of the morning getting our stuff organized in the house and then scouted out the local area.

We went down the paths we had drug our luggage up and could not believe we had actually been able to pull the fully loaded cart with its relatively small wheels over the very bumpy cobblestones and to the steep paths.  I think it helped that we were tired and it was dark, so things did not look as bad as they do in the light.

We drove to the local supermarket to get some fresh fruit, cheese and meat.  We ate at the local McDonald's just to get a meal without any hassle as we get accustomed to being in Europe.  We drove around some to understand where Nicola was relative to other towns and just enjoyed the fact we were here and could relax as we were not in a hurry to go anywhere.

We kind of felt like we had wasted a day, but it was good to relax on the terrace overlooking the hills and the sea.  We wandered all around Nicola trying to see all that is here in this very old town. While walking, we noticed that there are an awful lot of cats living in the village. At one place, we saw nine cats sitting on someone's porch.

At one point while looking out our window, we watched the local priest helping a group of pre-teens practice getting in line to enter the church.  We guess it was practice for confirmation or something like that.  We will see on Sunday.  We watched from the windows as the boys and girls then played rather loudly after the priest had released them.  They have very little flat ground to play on, so the plaza is basically it.

At night, we had a light snack of summer sausage, cheese, crackers and apples.  That will probably become our primary snack after eating out during the day.  Overall, a great day in Italy just enjoying being here.  Tomorrow, we will actually go somewhere.

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