Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back to Maranello for Mille Miglia

We drove to Maranello, home of Ferrari, to watch the parade of 150 Ferraris preceding the older cars in the Mille Miglia. We had read of a concours d'elegance that was supposed to occur during the day, with the cars scheduled to pass thru town about 5:30 PM.

We hung around town watching the events staged by the local fire dept. and had a pizza and salad lunch at the place where we have been able to access the internet and send pictures to our blog. No concours event was ever found. We toured the local shops that specialize in Ferrari stuff. Anything you can imangine can be had in red with a horse on it or the word Ferrari. At the Ferrari shop, they should provide second mortgages based on the prices they were asking for their items. You cannot buy a Ferrari watch for 10 euro, like you can a Rolex - just ask Beth.

The cars started arriving as scheduled, but one to three at a time, not a continuous parade. After the first 75 to 100 Ferraris, we were anxious to see the older cars that were participating in the tour. One should not have a blase indifference about another Ferrari or two or three passing by, but we saw more Ferraris in one day than we will see for the rest of our lives. But the sound the cars make was well worth the trip. A police woman was trying to tell them to slow down on one road, while on the next street two 20-something year old Italian guys were trying to get them to accelerate to film the cars with a great sound track.

The old cars started coming and they were neat to watch. A lot of the drivers and passengers were dressed in clothes that matched what they might have worn when these cars actually raced in this event. We stayed until the last cars came through and our camera battery died. We left for the two-hour drive home to find many of the roads closed that the GPS system wanted us to use. They were closed to allow the Mille Miglia cars some clearer roads. We finally found a way to the Autostrada and headed home. Pictures will be added once we find another WiFi spot for our iPad.

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