Thursday, May 14, 2015

Arrived in France, Halfway to Nicola

We arrived in Paris after a smooth, uneventful and ontime flight. Getting thru the disorganized airport was a different story. Took awhile to get bags, then even longer to get thru the mass of people to escape the terminal.
The car pick-up went smoothly and it was nice to start with a full tank of diesel fuel.
We put the GPS coordinates of our hotel near Millau France into the car and followed the instructions. At one point the system tried to add 100+ Km and on hour to our trip. It gave some warning about a road being closed and wanted to know if we wanted to reroute to bypass that problem. When I answered 'yes' the extra time and distance were added.  We put the coordinates in again and this time said we would take our chances with what turned out to be a nonexistent road closure.
We drove South and got to the Millau Viaduct about 6 PM.  It is one impressive structure. We had to stop for an hour nap about half way thru the 600+ KM trip or the driver would have fallen asleep. We had an okay dinner in the restaurant next to our hotel and were able to talk with one member of the staff who want to practice his English. The staff earlier had complimented Beth on her French.
Tomorrow it is another long drive along the French Riviera coast, then around the corner to Nicola Italy. The Cannes Film Festival is in progress so hopefully Beth does not see any 'stars' who we would have to stop and watch. I just hope the traffic is not horrible, since we need to get to Nicola before dark so we can relearn our way from the parking lot to the house.
More entries and pictures to follow, when we have access to wifi.

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